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Published: May 2020

Artists Featured:

Boris Kostadinov, Teti, Loren Siems, Andy Habib, Lord Toph, Panto, Juliet Hillbrand, Sam Foley, Jay Read, Azita Gandjei, Dina El-Sioufi, Darrell Black, Lila Expressions. 


Performance Art, Media Art, Public Art, Music, Photography, Environmental Art, Painting.

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AQ exhibition

Graff - by Sam Foley

Although graffiti and street-art have often appeared in Sam Foley's work, in the past it has been incidental to environment, whereas now this subject has taken front and centre.


This collection of paintings explores the language of graff in multiple international and local urban environments, highlighting many similarities and contrasting the differences.

Presented by The Artist's Room


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Curator interview

Special interview with Boris Kostadinov

Boris Kostadinov is an independent curator and art historian based in Berlin. His projects are in the field of contemporary art and photography, conceptual design, fashion, architecture, sound and interdisciplinary forms.


His work explores the interaction of art with political and geopolitical realities, economics, social processes and theories: economy of art, art as a social or activist gesture and art as a political platform.


In the following interview we deep dived into some of the key elements in Kostadinov's practice and the principles guiding his projects.

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Teti Explores Contemporary Visual Reflection

Teti is an artistic pseudonym of Yuliya Pavlovskaya. Her practice is focused on internal reflection through visual synthesis, that form principal conception of her artworks and personal research.


Her artistic language is based on a dialogue of aesthetic balance, multilayered of artistic concept and the fragile issues of our time.

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Jay read

Expressive Abstract

Originally from South Africa, Jay Read spent most of her life in London, UK. Exploring creativity with painting portraits and fantasy landscapes at a young age, Read opened up to studying acting as well as performing in a band.


In the summer of 2019, After a long break from creative and artistic projects, Read started creating artworks using digital media and tools.


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Julliet Hilbrand

Juliet Hillbrand Energizes Dreams and Heartbeats

Juliet Hillbrand's art practice focuses on creating an other-worldly feel. Her works cover chaos and serenity, fever and calm, decay and growth, life and death. Hillbrand was named as a Top Artist of 2019 in DESTIG magazine. Each of her pieces has it's own heartbeat. Some are meant to connect the viewer with something deeply rooted in reality, while other pieces are meant to pull you completely out of this reality.


Hillbrand is versatile and dynamic, exploring different concepts such as landscapes, nature, figurative art, nudes and abstract, so each piece truly is a new experience each time. Sometimes she is throwing color around her studio like confetti; other times, the focus is meditative, and quiet, and still.


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Lord Toph Expresses Empathicism

Lord Toph is developing, expressing and presenting his fine art style called “Empathicism.”  Works of this style are intended to evoke the viewer’s emotions empathically from the painting’s subject matter, color, size, title and application of stroke.


From the preschool years, many may still remember their teacher telling them in art class, “Just paint what you feel.”  Lord Toph makes it a point to do just that, especially in a time where many artists feel the need to stay inside the lines by making it look like the picture they are rendering from, so that it’s all nice and glossy.


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Loren Siems

Loren Siems Conceptualizes Relationships of Non-Traditional Beauty

Loren Siems’ autobiographical sculptures and paintings evolve from personal places and memories that draw on universal themes of image, gender, and body politics.


She bases her work on relationships covering non-traditional beauty. She creates a visual language by adapting her childhood imagery and memories to portray her psychological development and anxieties as an adult woman formed from these relationships.

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Artqol Exhibitions

AQ Exhibitions

Your exhibition got canceled?
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Group Show

The Crown of the Corona is a project for an international exhibition on Artqol

Special Feature

Andy Habib

Presented by Kiki Sterling Gallery

Andy Habib has been creating art since his childhood; an artist that understands the fundamental relationship between the viewer and the art, light source and perspective.

From pencil sketches to murals, classic oil paintings, to bright images in acrylic, he is a multifaceted artist delivering inspiration with his exploration of themes.

Habib creates his paintings with a variety of approaches but in a consistent process. At first he decides on a subject matter, does intensive research and creates sketches until he finds the sketch that appeals to him the most. By then, he already lays over the colors and decides where he wants to go from there. His works are distinctive in the tension he successfully creates.

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Dina El-Sioufi

Dina El-Sioufi Bestows Naratives

Dina El-Sioufi's work is an act of painting; a form of writing involving difference using ready-made elements and recreating them in each painting through imagination and the desire to bestow narrative.


Her work is mainly figurative although she paints instinctively, immediately and develops the work as it is progressing.


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Azita Gandjei

Azita Gandjei Dissolves Boundaries of Nature

Azita Gandjei uses her camera to explore identity and connection. Her art is inspired by her extensive childhood travels, including living in Iran and the UK. Exposure to clashing cultures has compelled Gandjei to seek out universal patterns that form the essence of people, places and nature.


Gandjei uses natural light to disentangle and abstract the main subject from its surroundings. She has a preference for high contrast images that reduce the subject to its pure form. Her practice is focused on two forms of universal patterns, Nature and Human Nature.

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Darrell Black Develops Definism

Darrell Black's art practice has always been a journey of self-discovery.


His art style called Definism started as pen and ink drawings on paper using only primary colors, it took him many years to build up the courage to try a more vibrant palette. Definism is the creation of non-traditional artwork using non-traditional materials. 


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Lila expressions

Lila Expressions Explores Consciousness

Lila Expressions' art practice is focused on creating abstract paintings with the aim to capture every-day experiences of reality in physical form and share it with the audience.


The art works do not begin with preconceived notions of a finished product; rather, they are provoked by dreams, or emerged from subconscious associations between images, text, and their meanings.


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Panto ART

PantoART Studio & Gallery Explores A New Model

2019 was a wonderful start for pantoART Studio and Gallery in Vienna. Its concept has worked out and is very well received by both artists and visitors.


The fact that artists do not have to pay commission when selling their artworks is rather unusual and encourages unknown artists to take the step into the public eye.


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AQ MAGAZINE - May 2020

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