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Published: February 2020

Artists Featured:

Ronen Raz, YunRay Chung, Linda Chapman, Stavros Kotsakis, Heikendine Günther, Chrilz, Josie Wadelton, Shahar Kramer, Yellena Mazin


Performance Art, Media Art, Public Art, Light Art, Photography, Environmental Art, Painting, Film, Fashion.


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Art, Design & Lamps

Stavros Kotsakis Genuinely Interacts with Light and Shapes

Sweden based light designer and artist Stavros Kotsakis is developing his practice with a purpose to explore the endless adventures of light while interacting with fascinating materials.


When Kotsakis first started to design lamps, the main focus has been on diverting objects off their main function and redefining them in a new context which incorporates light. The working process was therefore mostly characterized by the experimentation with re-purposed materials and components


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Human Nature

Chrilz Explores Concepts of Human Nature

Chrilz's art practice focuses on human nature, our experiences, our emotions and our relationships. His approach follows two distinct phases: development and execution. Usually he writes down his idea in a few words to avoid losing connection with it. 

He refers to his writings as conceptual statements: sometimes it is spoken from his vantage point, other times from a more omniscient perspective, but more often it is some sort of voice from within a piece itself that materializes the compositional elements. Using photography to capture the right reference leads him to begin sketching.

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Fine Art Photography

Linda Chapman Captures Geometric Abstraction Through Photography

Linda Chapman's photography is drawn to abstract and geometric patterns as well as to shadow and light. Her attraction to natural light plays with the formation of patterns that brings them together to catch a perfect picture of geometric abstraction.


After pursuing a successful commercial career Chapman shifted her practice to fine art photography. Her works usually begin when scouting urban areas, discovering unseen details that highlight the character of its settings

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clothes from performance art

YunRay Chung Investigates Fashion Design and Human Emotions

YunRay Chung is a Taiwanese artist currently based in New York City. Coming from a medical background in university, YunRay decided to move to the United States to study fashion design after he finished his Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Therapy in Taiwan.


After two years of training in Los Angeles, YunRay got into the Fashion Institute of Technology pursuing the Master of Fine Art in Fashion Design, where he explored his multidisciplinary art journey. 


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The Core

The Art of Heikedine Günther Grows From
The Core

Heikedine Günther is an abstract, intercultural painter based in Basel, Switzerland. Her art practice is focused on The Core which references the inner self and a potential to grow from a place of inner strength. Beyond that the core is a lot more and she tries to research different ways the core manifests itself in cultures and religions.


Through her travels she explores and

looks at ancient art from different cultures. She is fascinated by the ways different cultures and religions used the motif of the core within their tradition.


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Beyond the Bauhaus Principles

Project by Josie Wadelton

Josie Wadelton's latest project has taken her to the Bauhaus movement which began in Weimar Germany in 1919. The Bauhaus school was an innovative art school Which had a revolutionary arts policy for its time. 


Her approach involves several techniques. Researching, photographing, creating, constructing. Once an image has been realised the work can be developed further.


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Alternate Realities

With Artist Yellena Mazin

About five years ago Yellena Mazin first got to know 3D art, which led her to study animation.

She was drawing, writing and practicing photography.

She is also very inspired by the futuristic movement, artists like Giacomo Balla made a lot of impact on her.

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Artist in Focus

Shahar Kramer

Zsolt Gyarmati

Special Feature

Living Things Are Forever Unburnable

Project by Ronen Raz

In his latest art project, Ronen Raz is engaging in a subject that has interested him for a long time, research associated with things that have gone through the flames, as well as the question of how definite is death after burning?

During the project Raz finds himself setting out to areas that have sustained fires, or locating the remains of campfires from which he gathers and collects remnants. "What is of special interest to me is the burnt tissue of plant material, and sometimes other objects and abandoned fragments that were burned and remain on various levels of decomposition and decay."

Raz takes the items to the studio where he examines them punctiliously, photograph them, and attempt to trace their fundamental nature, who and what they are and were, thinking about their past and the fauna or niche to which they belonged. He then begins a series of physical experiments with the medium with which he works: leather!

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