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Jay Read Explores Expressive Abstract

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Artwork by Jay Read

Originally from South Africa, Jay Read spent most of her life in London, UK. Exploring creativity with painting portraits and fantasy landscapes at a young age, Read opened up to studying acting as well as performing in a band.

In the summer of 2019, After a long break from creative and artistic projects, Read started creating artworks using digital media and tools. "I have a couple of processes I like to use to start a work. The one I mainly use is a watercolour brush with certain basic geometric shapes and I layer it up with more colours and shapes so it bleeds into something that then becomes something new." Read's natural eye for aesthetics evokes a feeling in the viewer. Her work is very expressive, dreamy and fantasy like.

Artwork by Jay Read

"Making the unreal seem real, creating depth and bringing the artwork to life, that is my intention. I have what is probably a childlike approach to art. I want to always be authentic and do this for the love and joy of it because that’s where I am with it right now."

"I want my work to raise someone’s vibration or their interest"

Artwork by Jay Read

"I get excited about colours and shapes. I want to be able to look at any isolated bit of a work and find it pleasing or fascinating. My desire is to create interesting and attractive abstract artworks with intuition and passion. I want someone to get excited about hanging one of my pictures on their wall while it happily sits there, adding something of beauty to the room and to their life in some way."

Read is still fresh on her local art scene and is focusing more on Instagram and online channels in general. "I love looking at the artists online." She recently participated in a local group exhibition in Fulham which she discovered on Facebook. 

Artwork by Jay Read

Read's current focus is to continue developing her art pages on Etsy and Amazon Handmade, while exploring opportunities such as participation in exhibitions and possible gallery representation.

See more of Read's work on her pages:

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