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Published: August 2020

Artists Featured:

Voodo Fé, Simon Williams, D'mon Knox, Anna Tihanyi, Albina Rolsing, Lorette C. Luzajic, Marie-Eve Cote, Heather Haynes, Michelle Rinow.


Fine Art, Media Art, Interior Design, Art Photography, Fashion Design, Painting, Installation Art.

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Reinventing The Path of Art and Entrepreneurship

Featuring the work of Voodo Fé

Voodo Fé is a prolific Renaissance Artist with over 8,000 works of art in multiple mediums. He designs for iconic brands like Calvin Klein, DKNY, the NFL, the NBA and was commissioned to do a piece for Beyoncé. He is doing a lot of abstract work, music, fashion design, graphics, toy design & jewelry.


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Artwork by Voodo Fe VI.JPG
Simon Williams with his painting Chevali

Gestural Abstraction with Cartoons and Graffiti

Featuring British artist Simon Williams

Simon Williams work feeds upon the plethora of visual material accessible in the digital age he draws inspiration from many sources most notably childhood comic books, propaganda posters, graffiti works and advertising.


Williams' work combines a lot of gestural mark making and in this layering process he is looking for structures embodied with a dynamic energy. Experimentation with materials such as acrylic ink and oil alkyd with graffiti markers and even house paint, is at the heart of his practice.

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Art Advocating Human Rights

Featuring the work of artist Heather Haynes 

Heather Haynes is a painter who also works in mixed media photography. Her practice is focused on meaningful work, with a definite nod to street art while maintaining her advocacy for human rights. Haynes raises funds and is considered mama Heather to 140 orphans in the Democratic Republic of Congo.


She has traveled to the DRC seven times in as many years and has been exposed to realities and stories she can’t ignore. "This changes a person and I am forever changed by what I know now to be true. My work comes from my heart. If I am painting from this space, the truth will emerge".

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Albina Rolsing I.jpg

Humanity Through Expressive Art

Featuring the work of artist Albina Rolsing

Albina Rolsing is a multidisciplinary artist with a focus on versatility and vibrance, exploring abstract, figurative, colourful or monochrome, expressive or minimalistic styles. Her work brews while spending time observing and reflecting on people and contents she is exposed through her readings and spending time in museums, libraries and studying art online.


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Female Characteristics and Archetypes

Featuring work by photographer Anna Tihanyi

An award winning fine art photographer, Anna Tihanyi's practice is focused on staging scenes to tell stories, while exploring her own female self and femininity in general terms. In her on going project A Woman's Chambers Tihanyi introduces the complexity of the female existence and complements the spiritual map of the woman undermining the homogenous and universal concepts of womanhood.


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Anna Tihanyi.JPG

Examining Transformations

The Art of Marie-Eve Cote

Marie-Ève Cote is a painter, illustrator, sculptor & caricature drawer. She is a multi faceted artist. Her art practice as an examination of different transformations is constant through each approach to convey emotion through each piece. Whether it be through portraits of people expressing their feelings or colours used to paint animals and landscapes that give a sense of connection from the viewer through indifference and perception, as chaos and disruption occur.


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The Boundaries of Beauty

Featuring the work of Lorette C. Luzajic

Lorette C. Luzajic's art practice is driven by eclectic curiosity, and by the joy of juxtaposition.

Each of her works is assembled from an unlimited assortment of tools, themes, genres, and inspirations. Most of her work begins with a seed, a way in. Something ignites from an interesting contrast-two colours, or a found phrase or image, and she builds the piece intuitively from that starting point. 

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Fanned Out Papers

Open Call


International online group show. 
The Currency open call invites for participation artists working in all contemporary visual arts media.

Open Call


 Artists-in-Residence 2021
The aim is to analyze and artistically interpret the circumstances and facts
that characterize 2020. 

More Features

Photographic Abstracts

Featuring the work of artist D'mon Knox

The art practice of D'mon Knox is focused on uniting photography with other expressive art modalities to create his distinctive photographic abstracts. He remixes familiar languages (abstract expressionism, surrealism, street art, and minimalism) to birth a new idiom for the examination of culture, race, sex, socio-economics, and blackness.

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artwork I.JPG

Transforming Touch

Featuring the work of Michelle Rinow

The core of Michelle Rinow's art practice, whether working on a garment or a fiber arts piece, is focused on the combination of colour, materials and finishes to tell a story or to foster an emotional response. Her practice is heavily research focused, and every piece begins with in depth reading and writing to gain inspiration and to understand what she wishes to express.


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