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Teti Explores Contemporary Visual Reflection

Confluence, 2016, Oil on Canvas 70 x 80 cm

Teti is an artistic pseudonym of Yuliya Pavlovskaya. Her practice is focues on internal reflection through visual synthesis, that form principal conception of her artworks and personal research. Her artistic language is based on a dialogue of aesthetic balance, multilayered of artistic concept and the fragile issues of our time.

"Contemporary painting for me is always a continuous process of visual reflection. All my artworks have a common concept, which in the process of creation is developed, transformed and supplemented according on principle: reflection-reconstruction-retransition. This principle can be compared with the method of sequencing or musical variation. There is a theme that transform, but the foundation remains unchanged."

L'équilibre. <un paysage métaphysique>, 2015, Oil on Canvas 81 x 65 cm

In her artworks, Teti explores the process of creating an aesthetic balance through a conceptual dialogue that forms the basis for creating timeless artwork. The dialogue goes into unison, which creates something like a visual cluster where internal reflection, analysis and multidimensionality of meanings are combined.

Teti's background in professional music education certainly had an important influence on her artistic language and it's an important part of her personal background. "I was always interested in the relationship between visual and musical in different periods of the avant-garde, their developmental parallel.

At 19 years old, I clearly realized that there was an amazing connection and I began to write an essay, is a kind of theoretical descriptions of my new artworks, which were then formed into basis of my visual language."

ad libitum, 2015, Oil on Canvas 90 x 50 cm

Teti is based in France and travels frequently to Belarus. "In Minsk where I was born, I was faced with a blank wall and this led me to a long and strong depression." Her work Overcoming 1640 covers exactly this period her life. "In this time I had experiences when I self-isolated from everyone and chose my own way. All that I did and all that I researched was the result of a huge independent work: traveling abroad, lectures, searching for good books. In Paris or Zurich, Budapest or London, I always know that I will find a response and understanding that is based on general knowledge."

Teti had very good experiences participating in virtual exhibitions. For example, currently she was chosen to participate in the international online exhibition "Minimalism" by the art platform Envision Arts. "I'm sure that online digital experiences will develop in the future, because it opens up new possibilities and choices for artists, curators and audiences. The world of art will become more democratic and global, and such an interesting experience will help cooperation even more, despite some territorial restrictions."

le fragment interminable, 2015, Oil on Canvas 60 x 50 cm

Teti is an Ambassador of The European Institute of Contemporary Arts, with an aim to promote European artists internationally. "I had a period when, after studying in France and several years of independent research, it was very important for me to receive confirmation of my professional work and respect. I'm an international artist and all that I create is the result of many years of research in art as a global process that should not have borders. Art has no boundaries."



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