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Darrell Black Develops Definism

The Town of Katakomben - Painting by Darrell Black

Darrell Black's art practice has always been a journey of self-discovery. His art style called ''Definism'' started as pen and ink drawings on paper using only primary colors, it took him many years to build up the courage to try a more vibrant palette. ''Definism'' is the creation of non-traditional artwork using non-traditional materials.

For example, the use of non toxic hot glue on canvas or wood and incorporating found objects into the works of art to produce three dimensional creations. His artwork, originated as a form of self discovery through experimentation of different textures which consisted of metallic components, ceramics and windowpane glass my finished works of art became angular paintings and wall hanging sculpture.

Contact Zero - Painting by Darrell Black

Black's works have been recently exhibited in a group art show held at the ''Bart's Pathology Museum'' in London, England titled: Humanity in Medicine, his contribution was an artistic rendition of the inner workings of a virus, the show became a travelling exhibitions shown in many different cities throughout England. He also exhibited in the art show that took place at the ''Delaplaine Arts Center'' in Frederick, Maryland. The exhibition theme centered around US Military and the contributions service members have made to everyday life.

Self Portrait - Painting by Darrell Black

The current social isolation which is caused by the corona virus is shifting the way all of us spend time for work, study, entertain etc more from home. Do you feel it can lead to more people picking up creative practices? What is your opinion on isolation evoking creativity from people?

Darrell Black: I think some level of isolation is necessary to create a work of art but pure isolation in and of itself works against all creative endeavors, since creativity needs something to mimic and interpret such as personal and social interactions, which is a very necessary ingredient for artists to be productive and creativity to flourish in society. The role of artists past and present is to report on current events in whatever artistic discipline they dominate for example, the ''Corona Virus'' gave me the inspiration to create a series of works on paper documenting the pandemic and medical staff on the front lines of the fight.

In my opinion, isolation in people who are not normally creative will not spark an abundance of creativity. Most people with their lives disrupted are mostly concerned with how to make ends meet, stocking up on daily necessities and for those who may face job layoffs as a result of the pandemic how to regain an steady income and with so much worry on the minds of many people, creativity becomes obsolete and counter intuitive to the immediate needs of society.

Darrell Black at his studio

You have an online shop page with different variations of forms to sell your art, how do you see the development of online exhibitions in terms of being able to experience art online and still achieve the purpose of a physical event? In other words, do you see online exhibitions becoming mainstream in the art world?

Darrell Black: Digital technology has come a long way and in many instances the digital image is indistinguishable from the real artwork, so I am very hopeful that online exhibitions will become the new normal which would be a big help to struggling artists, unable to make a living from their artwork on a consistent basis.

Having online or digital artwork displays, will help many visual artists save exponentially on renting studio and storage space, crating and shipping artworks too include insurance costs, online artwork displays and digital screen venues would be a very practical alternative to traditional art displays. In my opinion, digital exhibitions will in no way compromise the integrity of any original work of art providing the viewing public the latest in technological advancements and the very best in innovative works of art.

Behind the Quarantine - Painting by Darrell Black

Black's art projects in 2020 are mostly philosophical in nature meaning, he started the year publishing his very personal thoughts in a booklet titled: ''Philosophies to Navigate Life'' which is published by Cyberwit. His second project is called ''Little Somethings'' which is a book on poetry in combination with several visual artists pairing with poets to create works of art and literature.



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