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Marie-Eve Cote Examines Transformations

Painting by Marie-Eve Cote

Marie-Ève Cote is a painter, illustrator, sculptor & caricature drawer. She is a multi faceted artist.

Her art practice as an examination of different transformations is constant through each approach to convey emotion through each piece. Whether it be through portraits of people expressing their feelings or colours used to paint animals and landscapes that give a sense of connection from the viewer through indifference and perception, as chaos and disruption occur.

Painting by Marie-Eve Cote

"Chaos and disruption in my work pieces is a technique to create a new market and value network. To give room to the uneasy and unseen. My main focus is to displace established markets. The manifestation of something never seen before. As a revolt to current trends and bend rules to the foresight of a new age union through my creativity. To convey a message through each of my creations."

Painting by Marie-Eve Cote

Cote's history with art begins with her father, an established artist and painter. "My father's painting career influences my practice consciously by the way he would merely create art to survive. Living in a small town of Chesterville Ontario fighting for his life with a chronic illness.

I go fully into my art with passion and compassion."

"Art is the universal way of communicating"

Based in Canada, Cote clearly sees the development and opportunities available in the arts.

"In Canada, art is becoming more acknowledged with art festivals across the country. More competitions to give artists their spotlight, with great compensation. In the coming years I see the art scene taking over the market, and many talented artists awaiting to be discovered. Art is the universal way of communicating.

Painting by Marie-Eve Cote

Currently Cote is working on several artistic projects, using this time to maximize her creative potential, and develop her practice with a long term view.


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