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Parth Kanhai Explores Unique Concepts and Meditation

Artist Parth Kanhai

Parth Kanhai's art practice is focused on presenting works with unique concepts each time. He finalizes a particular concept after filtering through numerous ideas that cross his mind while working on the canvas. These ideas come from his observation of people while he travels, his interactions with them, studying art & culture, and visualizing the painting during meditation.

Some paintings are also designed around the imagination of collectors. "I reproduce their thoughts on canvas as they are the ones who draw inspiration from the artwork they've ordered.

I like to add a very personal connection to the art I make. An element of familiarity makes them connect more in-depth with that piece."

Parth Kanhai in his studio

The motif of animals come up often in Kanhai's work. "Over the years, I have seen a rising demand for animal art by curators, for most of them have started valuing a living animal versus collecting extinct artifacts from taxidermists." Another recurring element in his work is the incorporation of 24k gold on the canvas. "Every art piece is an investment. However, 24k gold embossment not just adds more monetary value but also makes the painting look supremely opulent and luxurious. It surely is more time consuming compared to any other art mediums, but it indeed makes it more visually attractive."

"I feel my signature style of gold embossment only adds value to the persona of the subject"

Painting created by Parth Kanhai during 'stay home' period of covid19

Born and bred in a profoundly spiritual family of Vrindavan, Kanhai grew up imbibing the same values and love for the almighty. "Every individual has a different connection with the lord, while I connect best with him through art. Hence art is not just my profession; it's my meditation, my communication." Art indeed is his primary spiritual awakening platform. The idea is to diversify expressions of love & devotion through his thematic paintings. Be it depicting a mood of submission of the Sufis, to portraying the divine mellows of Sri Radha & Krishna. Kanhai paints for people to talk to the canvas even when there are alone.

11:11, painting by Parth Kanhai

Kanhai Arts is a legacy which was started 62 years ago. Their masterpiece collections are showcased on the walls of renowned personalities, namely the 42nd President of America Bill Clinton, former Indian Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Actor Amitabh Bachchan, great politician L.K Advani, late Amar Singh, Lt. Indira Gandhi, and nation's eminent industrialist Aditya Birla and The Ambani's to name a few.

All of its artworks invite the viewers to move into the world of seduction. Each piece in the collection tells a story and strives to bring mastery to the world of luxury.

"I don't like to say I have given my life to art. I prefer to say art has given me my life."

Artist Parth Kanhai working in his studio

Kanhai is currently working on several commissioned artworks, as well as focusing on his exclusive upcoming stock market bull of New York in 24k gold. The bull plays an essential part in Hindu mysticism and philosophy and has been mentioned in many texts and scriptures. The celestial bull 'Nandi' is the carrier (mount) and guard of the heavenly abode of one of the three major Gods ('Trinity') of Hinduism – Lord Shiva. Even to this day, Nandi sits as a guard at the gates of all Shiva temples, facing the deity. In Chinese Culture, the bull represents motivation, perseverance, and strong will and is connected to strong-headed people, materialistic desires, and hard work.

Don't miss the latest updates and works by Parth Kanhai on his Instagram page.



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