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Antoine Therrien Chevalier Defends Culture Through Film & Photography

Antoine Therrien Chevalier studied cinema and television. He has been making movies since childhood with a camera given to him by his parents. Chevalier follows a dynamic creative process that changes from one day to another. He relies on his inspiration of the moment, with emotions or the message that he would like to convey. "I dare to believe that like the work of other artists who populate the world, my creations make it possible to defend culture".

Photography by Antoine Therrien Chevalier

Chevalier's film studies have quite an influence on his practice, particularly with regards to image composition, the rule of thirds, focus, depth of field and perspective. However, his expressive energy sometimes drives him to ignore conventions and create a unique, abstract and experimental image.

Photograph by Antoine Therrien Chevalier

Architecture and urban scenes are a recurring themes in Chevalier's work. "What interests me about urban photography, architectural photography or minimalism photography is not the subject itself, but the story behind a building or a city.

"Photography is an exploration for me, a quest to capture abstract elements in everyday life"

What particularly amazes me; is the human know-how, the motives, the multiple angles that make up the metropolitan skyscrapers. Sometimes, the most beautiful photos are not always at the level of our eyes, but at the level of the sky."

Photograph by Antoine Therrien Chevalier

Chevalier keeps an open minded and a contemporary approach towards modern photography and the current transitions and impact technology is making on the art form. "What's good with the modern age of digital photography is that you don’t need a bulky camera anymore. Today, mobile phones photography features are becoming more and more powerful, and it allows to work with zooms and produce impressive shots."

Photograph by Antoine Therrien Chevalier

Inspired by great writers and directors such as Robert Lepage and Wajdi Mouawad, Chevalier's artistic practice continues to develop evolve, along with photography he is also developing film and theater projects. "I believe in the virtue of Art (in all its forms) that allow to create community, emotions and social links."



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