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From: Nyiregyhaza, Hungary

Based in: Budapest, Hungary

Born: 1968

Main Artistic Themes: Unconsciousness 


Award winning artist Zsolt Gyarmati's practice focuses on raising unconscious interest in areas of modern art with emphasis on basic symbols. 

Gyarmati exhibits internationally and his works can be found in several private and public collections.


​Zsolt Gyarmati has been working as an artist for more than twenty years. His early images were mostly characterized by meticulous and complicated digital design, but over time, he moved toward minimalism. His works can be found in Hungarian public collections as well as in private collections globally.

Through the irrational reality of his art works Gyarmati is looking to raise unconscious interest in areas of modern art. He offers a sort of ‘literacy’ to the audience with a degree of interactivity that  forces them to think about its interpretation.

The process of his work is a „war” of internal ideas, during which layers appear and disappear on the canvas, representing different atmospheres. 

He aims to diffuse the urban noise and instead put an emphasis on the basic symbols which are characterized by simultaneity and malleability.

According to his worldview, "the original position of human beings can neither be found in Nothing nor in Information, but somewhere stuck in between these two entities, in a state, called Noise, or in other words, in the stream of uncomprehended background messages completely disturbing meaningful inquiry."

Selected Exhibitions

Ateliers Art Center

Duo Show: Hypermetropia


Budapest, Hungary

Blitz Gallery

Group Show: Urban Heroes


Budapest, Hungary

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