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From: Connecticut, US

Based in: New York, US

Born: 1994

Main Artistic Themes: Gender


Lou Eberhard is a transgender artist whose current focus is creating self portraits which reflect on the balance between masculinity and femininity within his own gender identity and gender presentation.

Eberhard attends art residencies and exhibits internationally.


​Born in Stamford, Connecticut in 1994, Lou Eberhard is a transgender artist whose work reflects and investigates the complex nature of his gender identity as it relates to his body.


He received his BS in Studio Art from Marist College in 2016, and his MFA in Drawing from the New York Academy of Art in 2018.


He has been selected for artist residencies in England, Italy and Canada, and his work has been in exhibitions across the United States, including New York City, as well as abroad in Venice, Italy during the 2015 Venice Biennale.


"I have spent years being dissatisfied in the body that I inhabit. Possessing qualities of both femininity and masculinity, I toe the line between what is defined as “man” and “woman.” I am a transgender man, and as such I will never be fully male, just as I never was fully female. My larger-than-life self-portraits seek a balance of this duality as it coexists within my body. Utilizing shifting lines, I map out a body that is simultaneously familiar and a stranger. Internal form and contour lines merge and flow, becoming one continuous stream coming together to create the figure. Through my drawings I do not search for an acceptance from others, but instead an acceptance of myself, from myself."


Eberhard currently lives and works

in New York City.

Read Eberhard's critique meeting with Barack Obama Portraitist Amy Sherald, as covered on Artsy.

Selected Exhibitions

Venice Biennale

Group Show: Elemental


Venice, Italy

New York Academy of Art

Group Show: Single Fare 4


New York, NY

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