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From: Vienna, Austria

Based in: Vienna, Austria

Born: 1984

Main Artistic Themes: Collage


Coco Wasabi is an award winning collage artist that draws ideas for her works from various periods of art history, freeing the found materials of original conventions and combining them impartially to create confrontations and a new discourse.

Wasabi has an art degree from the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna


Coco Wasabi (1984) completed her art practice at the Vienna Art School and is currently finishing her studies of painting. In her studies, Coco learned about dimensional operation, depth and perspective, which gave her a solid foundation in the production of art and collage.


From her position, the most important fascination in working with art collages is to take images from the original context and place them into a whole new world. Cutting and gluing is simultaneously her therapy and deepest expression – the final art piece has no limits.


Coco has been exhibiting since 2005 and is taking part in prestigious art events such as the Tokyo International Art Fair, the Paris Art 3F, the ArtMuc in Munich, the Albertina Museum and KÜNSTLERHAUS in Vienna. Coco’s art work can be found in numerous private collections at home and abroad.

Her collages thus function like an unexpected explosion, making everything that exists shatter and creating a whole new order. It is in harmony, and without a hint of boredom that her final product is being created, only to generate excitement and stylistic breakthroughs. The eye of the beholder has to indulge in the visual game of depth and perspective, which marks the author’s expression to a considerable degree.


In her works she manages to establish a balance between colour and the sharpness of black and white. She confidently approaches each topic, no matter how explosive, to lay it bare in front of the audience. Despite her playfulness and her hide-and-seek with paraphrasing and uncovering symbols, her works display incredible precision and a feel for proportion, for arranging planes, shapes, structures and colour.


Coco Wasabi’s art expeditions are full of contrasts between the traditional and the modern, between trivial and high culture, harmony and chaos, humour and solemnity, all of them merging into one another. She cuts scraps of paper to glue them to a variety of materials, such as canvas, glass and postcards. Step by step, this results in works that are based on an entirely new and unique art order, and possess a certain compositional perfection, which is the main feature of her artistic creations.

Selected Exhibitions


Group Show


Munich, Germany

Haute Presents Gallery

Solo Show


Berlin, Germany

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