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From: Germany

Based in: Germany

Main Artistic Themes: Humanity


Albina Rolsing is a multidisciplinary artist with a focus on versatility and vibrance, exploring abstract, figurative, colourful or monochrome, expressive or minimalistic styles.

Rolsing studied Art, Literature, Linguistic and Psychology.


Feature article: Albina Rolsing Explores Humanity Through Expressive Art

Fundamental basis for Albina Rolsing's art is humanity. Heavily influenced by masterpieces of world literature and philosophy she explores human sensations, human strengths and human vulnerability.

Most of her works are created in series focussing on relations and connections between the individual and the world or between persons, radiant attracted by each other.

In paintings colors, stronger than figurations, dominate her world of art. In the last couple of years gouache, watercolor and paper become one of her main channels of expression. 

Influenced by Egon Schiele’s art Albina is fascinated by drawing. By using charcoal or oil for sketches in wax her lines are strong and fragile at once. 


Albina is addicted to art work generally and loves photography as one of the strongest visual artistic medium nowadays. She uses lens to give things around her a new content, a different image and propose the viewers complementary ways for interpretations of known.

From 2016 to now Vienna, Udine, Paris, Rome, Munich, London Miami, Lugano and Basel were the places where her art was seen in solo or group exhibitions and at the art fairs. Currently she creates her works between Vienna, Bamberg/Germany and Paris. 

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Selected Exhibitions

Contemporary Art Curator

Magazine Interview



Galerie Benjamin Eck

Duo Show


Munich, Germany

Museo Gustavo de Maeztu

Group Show




Museo Bellini

Group Show


Florence, Italy

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