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From: Switzerland

Based in: Switzerland

Main Artistic Themes: Painting


Swiss artist Who Is BGW paints mainly with acrylic and knife. His physical disability brings out a different style of painting in order to adapt to his condition.

Who Is BGW is a former financial markets professional that took to art after a sport accident.

Artist Statement

I have never been interested in Art, Museum was boring, Painting was useless... I was only focused on Skateboarding and Surfing.


After 10 years as a trader in the financial markets, I had a sport accident and since that date I have been living in a wheelchair, quadriplegic. It was a new beginning, a reset.


I couldn't continue my past life, I had to invent a new one. The gift I received was Time... Time to learn, time to discover, time to visit and finally time to understand Art.


The need to express emotions and feelings was growing and now painting is becoming a big part of my life.


Who Is BGW

Selected Exhibitions

Art Basel Miami

Group Show: Artbox


Miami, Florida





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