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From: Busan, Korea

Based in: New York, US

Born: 1983

Main Artistic Theme: Communication


A New York based installation artist, Yoong's work embodies tension between the human and the natural, influence of gravity in our lives and natural energy. She uses fluorescent tones in her works based on the five traditional Korean colors: red, yellow, blue, black, and white.


Song e Yoon's work embodies tension between the human and the natural, influence of gravity in our lives, and natural energy. She says “Art is a communication tool. Communication is the essence of art.” Her exhibition, “The Mobius Strip” in Puri Art Gallery, Jakarta, 2010, explored the history of communication from visual art to language to digital communications through painting and installation. She used brilliant fluorescent colors on the painting based on five traditional Korean colors symbolizing the direction of the horse. Through these unique colors, she represented the energy of the universe.

She graduated from Busan National University with a degree in fine art. She is well known for her unique style, combination of ancient ideas and modern materials. She has expressed her creativity through many solo and group exhibitions in New York, Seoul, Busan, Daejun and Jakarta and other locations.


ARKO museum, Gwangju Museum and Busan Museum introduced Song e - Yoon as a representative young artist of Korea. She received prizes in international art competitions by Art Interview Magazine in Germany, 2011 and 2012.

Selected Exhibitions

Daejeon Art Museum

Solo Exhibition:

Total Eclipse

Daejeon, Korea

Soul Art Space

Solo Show:

Song E Yoon

Busan, Korea

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