From: Tel Aviv, Israel

Based in: New York, US

Born: 1999

Main Artistic Themes: Kinetics


Originally from Tel Aviv, Kramer is a multi-media artist that works in sculpture, video and art direction.


Her main theme is movement and kinetic relations. She likes combining low and high, ugly and pretty, sexual and static.

Monday at 12
Performance of Failure
Performance of Failure
Performance of Failure
Performance of Failure
Performance of Failure
28 Kisses I bought on Craigslist
What Comes First - Self Portrait
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I have always admired Lot's wife for looking back at the destruction of Sodom. She glanced one last time into her burning past and turned into a pillar of salt, and I admire her for that.


For the Surrealists, ‘life’ entered the artwork when the banal, the ephemeral and the overlooked were found. I relate deeply to the core idea of the avant-garde; bringing ‘art’ closer to ‘life’, reintegrating art into the practice of life and the practice of displacement by carrying the unexpected to the pedestal, thus challenging the very way we distinguish art from life. In re examining the overlooked, the banal and the ephemeral, I find Sodom, and it freezes into form.


In my practice, one will not find a canvas, nor a brushstroke or a mark of paint. I prefer the combination of seemingly unrelated elements and materials, the assemblage and collision of material, like a distorted staircase or a melting piece of ice.


Selected Exhibitions

Have a Good One

Solo Show

787 Manhattan, Brooklyn


New York, NY


Group Show

De Kooning Studio


New York, NY

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