From: London, UK

Based in: Berlin, Germany + London, UK

Born: 1987

Main Artistic Theme: Neon sculpture


A sculpture and installation artist based between England and Berlin. Walden's work is concept led and primarily looks at contemporary embodiment and Post-Internet culture, asking questions about gendered hierarchies, sexual agency and the construction of the able body.

Walden's works are held in private collections in Europe and North America.

Utopias (IRL//URL)
Untitled #2
Untitled #3
Untitled #4
Untitled #5
Neon portrait #7
Neon portrait #4
Remedial Geologies III
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Romily Alice Walden's work is concerned with physicality and its interplay with other social categorisations and power differentials. At the core of her practice is an interrogation of contemporary embodiment and its relation to the Post-Internet age. Her work questions modern western society's relationship with looking, being looked at, gendered hierarchies, disability and the body.

These themes are explored with a focus on the IRL/URL paradigm; Romily is interested in our ability to navigate the progressively interwoven online and offline facets of our lived experience, examining the effect of this progression on the way that we understand physicality, representation and sexual agency. Her subjects serve to question and disturb the dominant cultural narratives that surround gendered bodies and the online landscape. 

Romily's research interests include: cyborg theory, xenofeminism, disability theory, crip theory, queer theory, feminist futurism, post-humanism, autoethnography and utopian/dystopian futures. 


Walden's work is additionally concerned with the value of labour in an age of instant gratification; as a trained glass bender and sculptor, Romily is seeking to question the role of craft in the digital age. 


Walden's practice consists of installation, neon, sculpture, text, video, and coded arduino control systems.

Selected Exhibitions

The Midway Gallery

Solo Exhibition:

She Bends

San Francisco, US

The Concept Space

Group Show:

Porno Pop

London, UK

Emerald Winter Pride Art Awards 2018

Emerald Winter Pride Art Award Finalist

Romily Alice Walden: "I think art can be a gateway into discourse and engaged conversation. There is the potential for art to allow someone to question their own internalised prejudice or social conditioning in a way that may be difficult if you tried to confront the issue directly through speech or text. Art gives people time to bypass defensiveness and make their own way through non-normative or marginalised issues; or even simply issues that they might not have considered before.

This piece submitted for the award is from a series of work called ‘Always Turned On’ that I made in 2017. I was researching the links between digital culture and female identifying sexual agency. For these pieces I wanted to specifically talk to pornography and female identified porn consumption. This is still a widely undocumented topic, and so I wanted to use stills of masturbation from amateur pornography to create these very honest portraits of sexual desire and sexual agency amongst female identified people. The false binaries here are multiple and the work tries to expand and I suppose to move “beyond” some of the gendered expectations of digital and sexual culture to explore a more nuanced and complex reality."

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