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RAW Pop Up

May 11 - 13 2018, Miami, Florida, US

RAW is a multi-sensory pop up of art, music, and technology, redefining how art is experienced. 


80+ creators and musicians co-existed in The Moore Building in the Miami Design District, hosting more than 6,300 visitors over 3 days.

Every RAW Pop Up experience is new and different, taking place in a temporary space only available to be experienced for a short amount of time.

Each pop up is fueled by a new collective of creators that bring to life immersive installations. The creators’ messages are ready to be experienced and shared with the world.

Curated by Tam Gryn


Photography by
Javier Sanchez
In Partnership With:




RAW Pop Up | Miami Design District, May 2018

RAW Pop Up | Miami Design District, May 2018

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Artist Daniela Kostova

shares her experience at RAW 2018

RAW Pop Up unfolds when - George Dufournier (Founder), Tam Gryn (Head Curator), Sharit Ben Asher
(Head Architect), Yasmina L. Nasib (PR Director), Valentina Hernandez (Art Director), Mau Espinosa
Tcherassi (Music Director), Anthony Hall (Music Supervisor), Julian Peñalver (Marketing Supervisor),
Valentina Quijada (Media Director), and Nina Bergeret (Architect), Juan V. Marco (Architectural Intern)
come together with one goal: to redefine how art is experienced.

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