From: Barcelona, Spain

Based in: Barcelona, Spain

Born: 1980

Main Artistic Themes: Figurative, Expressive


"I do not paint ideas or philosophies, rather feelings or moods, and this is the line that unites all my works: the expression, the will to solidify in a painting what I have inside. That is why someone may say that I have different "styles", as they say, but for me this is not a question of styles, but of doing, of saying, of shouting.."

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First I was born, then I dreamed, then I wrote and sang. At last I painted and then the live left me homeless.

Then I fell, I looked around and everything was gray, the sky cried and my spirit agonized: the dreams faded; The snail, with the pirate flag stuck dying between bush bushes and tall grasses. I felt my pockets and saw nothing, nothing sounded, there were no coins or hopes. I wanted to go to the Dream, but in that state, defeated and without money, it was impossible.

Finally I was able to get up off the floor, just enough to sit down. I looked at the sky and asked how I will continue ... if I have nothing ... not even forces ...? And I heard: make! You just build your dream!

My name is Saul, I am self-taught. One day I had a dream and I started to build it. There were many obstacles that I wont talk about right now, there were very hard times to take a step forward, my mind was filled with negative thoughts. But I learned how to fight them. A voice shout me: make it!Only build your dream! And so I started to build my dream.


I would have liked to go to an academy where they taught the fundamentals of art. I would have loved to spend all my time investing in painting, and I would have been fascinated to have everything easier, but maybe it would not have been the same. With the action you learn and you start walking towards your dream, and so this is when I started to make to build my dream. 



Selected Exhibitions


Group show


Barcelona, Spain

Van der Plas Gallery

Group show


New York, NY