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Yellena Mazin Creates Alternate Realities

Artwork by Yellena Mazin

About five years ago Yellena Mazin first got to know 3D art, which led her to study animation.

She was drawing, writing and practicing photography. Later on, she began to experiment with a 3D software, "It just drew me in."

"I think my work has a lot to do with creating an alternate reality"

Artwork by Yellena Mazin

"I think my work has a lot to do with creating an alternate reality, alien like world, surreal, that is connected to my personal experiences, and many of them are spiritual in their essence.

The process of creating those images is usually very fast (except for the rendering, that can take hours) and I enjoy that because of it."

The narrative of how technology effects the artistic practice is quite intriguing for Mazin.

"The tool I’m using is usually used to create hyper realistic images, but I was more interested in ‘bending’ the visual style to create something new."

Artwork by Yellena Mazin

She is also very inspired by the futuristic movement, artists like Giacomo Balla made a lot of impact on her.

Mazin was recently invited to exhibit some of her recent works at Rossocinabro Gallery. "The gallery contacted me after they saw my profile at the Artlaguna competition website."

The exhibition was about the creative process and what drives an artist to create.

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