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SCOPE Light Art Residency in Berlin

Updated: Sep 9, 2018

LUMMIX Light Festival, 2016, Art Today Association, Plovdiv

SCOPE AiR is announcing an open call for a light artist, interested in spending up to 3

months in Berlin. The residency gives the possibility to get to know the city and its

cultural scene and to realize a site-specific light installation for the main entrance of the

building of SCOPE.

What does SCOPE AiR offer?

  • A single fully furnished room (about 20 sq. m.), shared kitchen and bathroom

  • Production support and coverage for the realization of a site-specific light installation for the main entrance of the building of SCOPE (up to 1000 EUR)

  • Public presentation of the work, accompanied by an artist talk

  • Open studio in the presence of curators, artists, art managers

  • Meetings and assistance by the Director of the Residence Program, Boris Kostadinov, and the Directors of the Projektraum LS43

  • Organizing of between 2 and 3 studio visits by curators working actively in Berlin

  • Visits of contemporary art institutions and major exhibitions in Berlin during the period of the residence

The jury will evaluate the applications and announce the results by the end of October 2018.

Jury members:

  • Elisa Calosi - Culture Manager

  • Boris Kostadinov - Curator

  • Carolin Liedtke - Lighting Engineer

  • Eyal Zucker - Arts & Culture Entrepreneur

How to Apply

Please send your application, including CV, portfolio and a project proposal (1 page) to (MAX 2 MB)

Application Deadline:

October 10th 2018

The residency will start from November 15th 2018



Berlin - Kreuzberg at night

About SCOPE Artists in Residence

SCOPE AiR is a new program in the city of Berlin, located in the district of Moabit – an area with a multicultural strong identity, which has recently developed a new, dynamic art and culture scene.

SCOPE AiR is oriented towards national and international artists and curators in the field of contemporary art, by inviting professionals working interdisciplinary and seeking a creative artistic experiment, exchange, professional collaboration and development in a diverse environment.

SCOPE AiR works in cooperation with Projektraum LS43, that presents video works and experimental films. SCOPE Air is part of a bigger project, SCOPE, which aims to bring different creative people under the same roof. SCOPE is a work-in-progress platform that offers a living base, but not only, it stimulates dialogue, exchange and networking between individuals from different sectors, with a focus on art and technology.

The entrance of SCOPE

The accommodation



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