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Proyectohaz is Painting Feelings and Moods

Since an early age, artist Saul Gil Corona, didn't like things that did not allow something to go beyond the established limits.

Prior to devoting himself fully to painting, his self expression was through writing and through music. He started with poems, and later formed a couple of bands called Granreservaperro7 and Oye Cabrones where he sang and composed the lyrics of the songs. Looking for a way to empower those poems, he turned to the canvas. Since then his paintings are a kind of a visual dialogue of his poems.

"For me the act of creating evokes contradictory sensations"

He defines it as Ejaculation and Torture. He says, "The works, when they are finished, for a while, can be a source of pleasure: seeing the result, if the result satisfies you even for a short period of time, it can provoke some joy. But often this joy is ephemeral because you try to overcome the results of this in the next work, And it is work, after a short time it seems not so good. Then you feel condemned to create, that which at first gives you pleasure becomes a kind of punishment, the continuous creation, the perpetual renewal, the nonconformity with the results. In the end I do not know if it really is a kind of salvation for me or a condemnation to this continuous need for the action of creating."

Saul Corona Gil is based in Barcelona, Spain. "In broad strokes I think there is everything here, although I am not an advocate or labeling creations, nor do I usually go to social artistic meetings, which I see roughly ranges from the most modern to the most classic."

"Whoever comes to Barcelona can surely satisfy their artistic tastes"

He adds, "It would be good to invest more in culture and in helping and financing the dreams of creative people. For example, by making available to the artist workshops and places where he can carry out his creativity. There are hardly any suitable premises for this purpose, renting a place is very expensive. It would be good that the City Council will promote the creation of this type of space, as well as bands of music, dance, etc. In Barcelona, as in the whole world, there is a lot of talent, and sometimes there are not enough resources, that's a pity."

We asked Saul what his opinion is about the role of the internet in artists' careers.

"The world advances and technological advances are inevitable. Logically a tool that allows you to reach anywhere on the planet without leaving your home, such as the Internet, is great. The problem is the excessive use that is made of this. Not as an artist or as someone who wants to get his work to the people but as a person. It is very common to see people sitting, side by side, with their heads down looking at the screen of their smartphone in the middle of absolute silence, without direct communication between them.

Technology is turning us into robots, into robotic souls, more interested in knowing life on the surface of someone inaccessible and famous than in trying to share and listen proactively to someone who lives next to you.

Technology and the Internet are great inventions, but the excessive use that we give us separates us as humans. I think that in that sense we should take a step back and cultivate human-human relations, deep communications, laughter at the tables. It is necessary to use more the heart and less the smartphone."

In his near future Saul is focused on developing his career as a painter. "I continue with my "project haz." It is a project based on action as a means of learning, in action and in error as well, I believe in the courage of action in the face of the fear of negative thoughts, we are all capable of doing get what we propose.The fact of not knowing something can not be an excuse: act, do it, take your soul in your hands and build your dream."



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