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Ludwika Pilat Provokes Thoughts and Questions

Updated: Nov 1, 2019

Painting by Ludwika Pilat

After becoming an architect, artist Ludwika Pilat rediscovered and incorporated collage elements in some of her acrylic paintings and with this she is looking to provoke thoughts and questions. "I want to draw attention to ongoing issues, like the importance of mental health, to help process emotions or simply encourage to focus on beauty of nature, science and life."

Most of Pilat's collages are the result of a self-brainstorming when she is seeking to sort out her thoughts, and then go through her vast library of words and images cut out of scientific and lifestyle magazines. On the other hand her paintings are developing with an expressive emotion in colours and shapes, and are highly inspired by travels, events and people.

Painting by Ludwika Pilat

As an architect, Pilat's art practice comes with a challenge. "It was a process to understand art isn't accurate and perfect." Her technical ability influences her sense of composition, proportions and balance of colours. After a period of being committed to more technical, figurative representations, she began to explore an abstract visual language.

"At times I decide the paint is not enough to express what I want and I look for words to emphasize it"

Origibally from Poland, Pilat moved to Switzerland. "I'm new to the Swiss art scene and still trying to figure it out. What I know is that both countries have great artists that find different kinds of struggles. Switzerland has outstanding institutions and exhibitions. Polish artists, on the other hand, are often better recognized abroad than in their home country. A great example is what happened this year with the works of Natalia LL - they were removed from the National Museum in Warsaw for being too controversial, while at the same time they were enjoyed in the Polish-owned museum in Susch, Switzerland."

Painting by Ludwika Pilat

Pilat is also taking action in utilizing her art practice to promote social and environmental positive change. Recently she donated one of her pieces and took part in a charitable exhibition 'Surprise X' organized by artAZ gallery in Athens, Greece. Small format of artworks were made available to the public for the token amount of €50, to allow everyone to support the initiative. The proceeds from the sale were donated to the Homeless Support Program of KLIMAKA NGO. "I recommend taking part as an artist or buyer!".



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