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Loren Siems Conceptualizes Relationships

Body Tubes by Loren Siems

Loren Siems’ autobiographical sculptures and paintings are created with her own visual language. She adapts her childhood imagery and memories to portray her psychological development and anxieties as a woman.

Siems art practice brings nontraditional beauty by playing on nostalgia for traditional beauty and certain ideals of feminine behavior. Her art is urging girls to grow to be strong independent women with a sense of reflection and a mind for changing the future.

The process of conceptualizing and physically creating her art works is cathartic. And she hopes her audience finds their own personal connections with the work.  Such as the viewer reflecting on their experiences, evoking nostalgia, thinking about other women in their lives.  This is all in a desire to help shed light on and connect the human experience.

My House by Loren Siems

"The fact that women are finally gaining more acceptance and power is of great importance"

She adds, "I didn't initially intend to make feminist work;  I just wanted to make work that was honest and has an emotional resonance, so I had to source from my self and my own experiences. Therefore, as a woman my artwork, dealing with physical and emotional issues that women face, encompassed the themes of #metoo before there was the #metoo movement.  The moment was a relief to experience and be part of because it seems like women are finally being heard and men are being held accountable for their derogatory actions.  I do feel passionate that what women have to say and express is as important as men, and institutions and commercial spaces should equally display work by both genders."

Siems visited Berlin in 2017 and enjoyed the experience so much that she looked into artist residences as a way to spend more time in the city and emerge herself in an artist community.  "Berlin feels like the last major truly bohemian city, and I have decided to live here for a while even after the residency program ended.  I continue to explore the vibrant and accepting art communities and opportunities that Berlin has to offer, as I find it a fostering environment for artistic exploration."

Healing Process by Loren Siems

As a young emerging artist, Siems isn't immuned to the challenges that come along with managing an art career. As she puts it "I find the current art world to be incredibly frustrating and insular; it seems to be more about your social network and where you went to school than the quality of art that you produce (which is actually pretty consistent throughout art history).  But the internet seems to put more control in the artist's hands in creating a brand and a platform for exposure.   The internet can be empowering for individual artists as a marketing tool and means for self promotion. Though it is taking time for buyers to realize and trust that they can contact artists without a gallery."

Body Boxes by Loren Siems

About staying on top of her practice and keeping a positive pace forward with her art career, Siems approach is all about taking action. "I am constantly making.  I have a little rule for myself to do something art related every day, whether it be sketching, updating my website, viewing artwork, or working on a larger project.  I am also excited to exhibit with Enter Art Foundation in Berlin and around Europe during 2019."



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