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Life Changing Expressive Painting and Who is BGW

Painting by Who is BGW

Who is BGW (Benoit Gabriel Walter) is a Swiss artist who paints mainly with acrylic and knife.

Leading a successful career in the finance industry with individual and life ambitions, art hasn't been a part of BGW's life. All this had suddenly changed after a sport accident left BGW with a physical disability. Going through the difficult rehabilitation period, BGW faced a great challenge of figuring out the path forward for his life. "At the beginning it was hard to accept that I could not be as active as I was in the past."

Painting by Who is BGW

One of the revelations that struck BGW during this process was that in opposite to the hardship and challenges brought by his new reality, he actually received one "gift" which he did not have before. That one gift is... Time! "Before my accident, I have never had enough time". BGW began to read, to learn, to discover, and with that grew an interest in art and the emotions around it. He used the time he had to realign his energy and ambition towards developing his art practice.

"I needed to express my own emotions through painting, I couldn't really explain why, but without any knowledge of drawing or painting I have started just for my pleasure."

BGW's art practice is focused on expressive painting. It is the need to express a feeling, an emotion that drives him to start working on a piece. He first chooses the colors that represent his idea, "It is the more important and complex step for me". After that he selects the support, plexiglas or canvas, and begins to draw the image built in his mind. He begins to paint.

Painting by Who is BGW

"I couldn't continue my past life, I had to invent a new one... The need to express emotions and feelings was growing and now painting is becoming a big part of my life."

BGW is based in Switzerland, "There are a lot of opportunities, exhibitions, galleries and there is a real knowledge of art in Switzerland." He is also a big fan of Instagram, "It is incredible how people welcomed my paintings and the propositions I have received through Instagram".

Painting by BGW

BGW's talent, drive and dedication to his practice is already surfacing interest in the art world. Six of his paintings will be exhibited in the next Art Basel Miami, and he will take part in two big art events in 2020.



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