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Josie Wadelton's Beyond the Bauhaus Principles

Josie Wadelton's latest project has taken her to the Bauhaus movement which began in Weimar Germany in 1919. The Bauhaus school was an innovative art school Which had a revolutionary arts policy for its time. "What attracted me to the Bauhaus ideas was it’s simplicity and it’s purity of design."

"By using apps I can evolve the artwork into something completely advanced and innovative"

Her approach involves several techniques. Researching, photographing, creating, constructing. Once an image has been realised the work can be developed further. "By using apps I can evolve the artwork into something completely advanced and innovative. After I have completed an artwork I photograph it and then take it through a systemic series of actions using several apps. This process results in a range of images which would not have been possible had I just used conventional means."

How do you feel the Bauhaus movement is connected to your core inspiration as an artist?

"Because the Bauhaus principles articulate simplicity of design and emphasises rigorous self-control, I find that the work I generate results in minimalist design and hardcore choice of materials and colours."

The project yielded a interactive workshop. The Grid Workshop was held over several weekends and was aimed at artists who had originally been working through traditional means. A total of 5 students from Studio 106 attended. The workshop was meant to be an introduction to Abstraction.

By applying the rigidity of horizontals and verticals and using minimal materials such as pencil and paper students were able to construct meaningful artworks which would not have been attempted previously. Some students found the rules too restrictive, while other students thrived. An exhibition was held at the end of the workshop to showcase the success of the grid exercises.



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