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Igor Zusev Explores Emotions with Photography

We recently had the opportunity to ask Photographer Igor Zusev a few questions about his work and projects.

Your photography is very consistent, do you follow a certain process when approaching a series or is it different each time?

Any time I starts a photography project I ask my self.  What's the point?

The answer usually leads me to my style. Each shoot is different, each has its challenges.

Most of the subjects in your works are women, can you elaborate on your approach to the female figure, and are there any connections between the characters?

I work better with women because i let loose my feminine side when I work. This tends to disturb male subjects, unless they are used to me and my work stile. There is no real connection between the women I work with.  We find each other on random paths in life.

You traveled the world while in the US Navy, how do you feel the experiences influence your art practice?

My travels in and out of the Navy allowed me to be heavily influenced by all the cultures i visit.  My favorite thing to do is to get absolutely lost in any city i'm in and find my way out by talking to the people and discovering the culture.

You also work with painting, do you see it as an extension of your photography work, or is it a separate process?

My painting and mix media work is just another extension of me. I explore my own emotions and feelings in my work. If it resonates with others, so much the better.

Are you working on a project or have one coming up in the near future?

I am currently developing a new look, the Cro-Magnon series. It's about bringing the ancient and the modern into focus.



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