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Darrell Black Invokes Emotion With a Message

Darrell Black's art practice has always been a journey of self-discovery.

Artist Darrell Black

Black's journey began during early chidhood, his parents collected original artworks from unknown artist and replicas of famous painters and sculptors, so he grew up wanting to recreate his visual surroundings of his home, whatever he watched on TV and whoever or whatever he interacted with, this is where the road to creative complexity started. As he got older, he began to learn about other artists, primarily the artwork of Pablo Picasso, who he greatly admired and wanted to emulate.

"Many of my early artistic creations have some similarities to Picasso's work but as my knowledge of other artists became more profound I started to realize that other styles of artistic expression like Mark Rothko, also possessed deep meaning just by using pure color and form. Other artist for example Basquiat, used words to convey an even deeper meaning that is still felt in today's society. My later years as a visual artist I started incorporating this simplification in my own artwork, that invokes emotion with a message that resonates with the general public."

The Archer's Dilemma by Darrell Black

Based in Germany, Black was introduced to the cultural director for the Frankfurt Airport, who held monthly cultural

exhibitions in the Airport's rotunda. "I met many guests there, who were regulars to the airport openings". Black was connected with the Zeppelin Meseum in Germany, who were instrumental in his beginnings as a reputable visual artist by commissioning him to create the scene of a flying Zeppelin. His response to the request was the artwork titled 'The invasion' which was 2 meters long and 1 meter wide. "I created this hellish scenario of a multitude of airships commencing on a urban city. The Director of the Zeppelin museum at first disliked the artwork, but later felt it had artistic merit and placed Black's name in nomination for the national Gallery Prize for promising young artist.

The art scene in Frankfurt isn't well connected to other cities. "Some creatives, overcome this artistic handicap by relocating to cultural cities in Germany or throughout Europe and other visual artists as myself have family commitments which pose many hindrances in pursuing an artistic career. The present day Frankfurt, Art Scene is very limited in size and scope leaving very little room for under recognized self taught artist." The Frankfurt art market, primarily caters to German art school graduates and well established visual artists.

The Bargainer by Darrell Black

Black was serving in the National Guard in New york, before joining he lived in Brentwood Long Island, there he created 500 early drawings which he left for 6 months going away on drill duty. Upon his return from duty, he was keen to resume drawing but all his earlier works were mistakenly thrown away. "I was really devastated and decided never to draw again.

The Toxic Factory by Darrell Black

I then joined the US Army, stationed in Frankfurt, Germany. For many years, I was unable to draw, it was a kind of anguish torturing my mind that left all previous attempts at drawing completely forgotten. Then something amazing happened, I discovered by chance ten photos of my early drawings, so I tried to recreate the images and after many attempts something started to emerge and at that moment I decided to keep creating no matter what happens, so my time in the Army helped to salvage my artwork and create the determination for me to continue as a visual artist."

Black's art practice is always a work in progress and for the longest time he has always participated in many international art venues. "I'm also creating new and innovative works from found materials that will help breathe new interest in my artwork to a interested audience."



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