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Artist Shahar Kramer Explores Movement and Change

Shahar Kramer is a multi-media artist that works in sculpture, video and art direction. Her main theme is movement and kinetic relations. She likes combining low and high, ugly and pretty, sexual and static.

Legs by Shahar Kramer

Kramer puts an emphasis on kinetic objects because process is very dominant in her work. "Process for me is change, and change is movement." Her objects reflect the undulation of time whilst enjoying organic forms. "I don’t believe in hiding information, and It is important to me that the viewer remains exposed to the process."

For Kramer movement and change can also be reflected in other senses, such as sound and smell. She creates the process according to the project. For example, in her project 24 Kisses I Bought on Craigslist, the process was an online research; reaching out to people through craigslist, transferring money. It had to do with the highway of communication, of the anonymity of the web, the internal principle of constructive instability and the external condition of heteronomy, while her ice sculptures examine the ephemerality of body, the formality of kinetic movement, and the absence of material.

"Process for me is change, and change is movement"

Kramer is a huge admirer of Hito Steyerl’s work and writings. "In the past year I have been more and more interested in the low resolution image, inspired deeply by her text In Defense of The Poor Image, I think low quality has an unfiltered quality to it. It tells about the individual experience better than any other format. I enjoy diving into home made videos as much as I enjoy watching a good movie or going to the museum -- for me the two are equal in their importance."

"It is about ways to reach into some deep point of human condition and human experience, thus I see the low as a more authentic view into the world. The high is too edited, too manipulated, to stand for itself as a reflection of people. The high and the low have to come side by side if we want to get a better view of our landscape. I will use in my work my own clothes, or junk I find in the street, combined with super smoothed plater or clay work. I also use low res imagery from google earth or other resources online."

Kramer is based in New York and studies art in SVA. "It's a fantastic school. I got so much support from the teachers and facility to execute my work. It is also located right in the middle of Chelsea galleries! The art scene in New York is super diverse, and there is a lot of different crowds, but once you find your crowd I think it is a great environment to be surrounded by."



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