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Artist Janos Kujbus Captures The Human Condition

Updated: Dec 26, 2018

Artist Janos Kujbus

Art without a doubt is a powerful contributor for positive change in society. It is a personal expression manifested through and impacted from what happens around the artist.

So many changes are happening in today's art world, with social media's strong impact and vast exposure of online platforms available. Many artists are driven to deal with the dilemma of choosing the right platforms for presenting their art, and how to find the balance between the new and more conventional platforms. We discussed this and the current changes in the Central European art world from the perspective of native Hungarian artist Janos Kujbus.

In your paintings you focus on characters in certain moments and environments, do you look for these or is it a reaction to what you see around you?

My paintings are created and inspired from visual abstract stories. These stories reflect on the so called culture attitude and identities. Sometimes my stories in my pictures are opened plots which the spectators have to understand and make their own idea about the


Painting by Janos Kujbus

You also work with installations, is it a new method for you and do you plan to continue developing your practice in this direction?

Installations are always part of my artwork. Most of them connected to the concept of the exhibition. However, my main focus is on the language of painting concept. At the same time, I like working with or exploring other techniques materials and methods.

What is your opinion about the changes that are happening in the art world, with artists having more access to build their own networks online. instead of the conventional gallery representation model?

Undoubtedly online platforms help us a lot to build our own networks. This way artworks can be shown around the world. However, I think it's more powerful to see the actual original painting than a picture image on the internet.

Installation by Janos Kujbus

What is your perceptive on the art scene in Hungary and do you see it moving in the right direction?

That is a complex question. I think art trends changed rapidly during the last decade.

Many artists are trying to serve the actual trend or art fashion. Nowadays curators organize strictly controlled, place-specific exhibitions around a certain idea. These curatorial expectations give birth to really interesting and sometimes very exciting exhibitions, although some claim these shows take the attention away from the artists themselves and the quality of their artworks.

Painting by Janos Kujbus

Artistic freedom is hidden behind a concrete topic. Only the chosen themes stay in focus during

that short period till the exhibitions last. I am the upholder of the unified art career which clearly represents the artist’s world. In the future I would like to follow this way and seek for supporting galleries and art historians.

Are you currently working on a new project or have something coming up in the near future?

Yes, I'm participating at local art fairs in Debrecen and Budapest. And I'm excited about my

Next year Solo exhibition at the B24 Gallery in Debrecen, Hungary.



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