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Artist Introduction: Kristen Elizabeth

Artist Kristen Elizabeth Explores Creativity with Psychographics

Balance, Painting by Kristen Elizabeth

Kristen Elizabeth's art practice focuses on Psychographics, an automatic painting method arising from the subconscious. The colors, layers, textures and movements are all representing past, present, and future memories. Automatic Painting gives Elizabeth the freedom to explore emotions visually without judgment. "No mark you make is wrong, and wherever you decide to take it is correct!". The subconscious mind is directing the physical creation.

I swipe, scrape & push the paint around until it feels right. It’s truly an emotional thing.

Armed with an Industrial Design degree from The Massachusetts College of Art & Design, Kristen Elizabeth's journey into art is not only her practice but also her talent to involve others in the creative process. With the help of her husband she opened sBox Studio, hosting events with guest artists and managing art workshops for kids and creatives. "Painting has been such a healing and positive aspect in my life, and I really hope to share my passion with more people."

Elizabeth continues to develop her practice researching therapeutic painting experiences, where people can tap into their underlying emotions and release deeply held feelings both positive and negative. "The idea of translating something negative into something that is both beautiful and positive is something that has had a real impact on my life."

We look forward to continue and explore more of Kristen Elizabeth's work and her projects.



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