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Artist Introduction: Juliet Hillbrand

Updated: Oct 28, 2019

Juliet Hillbrand Explores Life and Growth Taking You into A Moment

Painting by artist Juliet Hillbrand

Juliet Hillbrand's art practice has evolved throughout the years from pure realism to include experimental abstract, all with a unique expressive energy that blends nature with femininity.

One of her pieces, Iris, took nearly 3 years and hundreds of hours to complete. "I felt her coming to life on the other side of the canvas, almost guiding my hand and telling me the best way to conjure her into reality."

Hillbrand's playfulness with fluid backgrounds brings life and movement to her pieces. "I have pieces I've worked on for 5 years that still don't feel anywhere near complete." Driven by muse or a strike of inspiration she simply goes for it.

"To me there is no such thing as a mistake in art."

Collectors and art buyers elevate Hillbrand's art works by decorating their homes and spaces with the aesthetic enjoyment they bring. For Hillbrand it's an honor that feeds her creative soul, but the truth is that she would paint regardless. "It is my truest love and a huge part of who I am."

We look forward to deep dive into Juliet Hillbrand's practice and elaborate further on the story of her art.



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