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From: Delhi, India

Based in: New York, US

Born: 1983

Main Artistic Themes: Spirituality


Her work is dominated by a brightful existence and this reflects a vibrant color pallet. In her current work on spirituality, Monika tried observing the state of being and his relationship with the creator. 

Monika is a qualified fashion designer since 2001 and an free-spirited artist since childhood.  


Monika is a fashion designer and an artist. She was born in Delhi, into a family trading fabric in the Indian subcontinent since 1960s. With apparel pedigree and a creative gene, she gravitated towards a degree in Fashion Technology from Delhi and spent formative stages of her career at major Indian design houses like Satya Paul and Vasari. 

She is also a free spirited artist, and actively exhibits her artwork. Key inspiration behind her artwork has been fashionable interpretation of exquisite and unique cultures she continues to experience during her travails. Being a women’s fashion designer, fabrics & textures, feminine emotions & attitude have always captured her attention. She created Monaara - a label that stands for vibrant artistic fashion and is a manifestation of her original contemporary artwork into a unique, luxurious and confident wearable experience.

She have also been actively practicing spirituality since 2005. This helped her reflect deeper on human needs and groom her emotional quotient.

Since 2017, she has been creating artwork on the theme of spirituality. In the current theme, Monika has tried observing the state of being and his relationship with the creator. The creation represents the journey of focus inside the human mind. This goes through different mediation stages experiencing many blissful emotions along the way.

In the year 2013, I launched my fashion label - Monaara in London, a vibrant & artistic take on luxury accessories. All the products are based on my original artwork, currently available in four boutiques in London. Immense learning while bootstrapping Monaara helped me in having an empathetic sense of consumer mindset as well as a holistic understanding of the full business cycle - from research, designing, manufacturing, exporting to distribution, Sales, PR, and Marketing. It also helped me understand the social media channels and consumer behavior in digital media.

She currently lives in Jersey City, NJ and is active in the JC and NYC art scene.

Participated in several exhibitions


Solo Show

Fashion & Art

London, UK

New York

Two Artist Show

Fashion & Art

New York, NY

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