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From: Torun, Poland

Based in: Torun, Poland

Born: 1986

Main Artistic Theme: Technology, Communication


An award winning visual artist, doctoral researcher and independent curator, Magda  deals in her work with connections between visual perception, technology, and communication.

She participates internationally in leading solo and group exhibitions. 


Magda Wegrzyn is a visual artist, doctoral researcher and independent curator born in 1986 in Poland. In her works she deals with connections between visual perception, technology, and communication. She is currently  a DFA researcher at the Faculty of Fine Arts at Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun, Poland, where she obtained her M.A.


In 2013- 2014 she was a visiting DFA researcher at the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki; In 2010, she studied at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Palermo. She collaborated with the Center of Contemporary Art in Torun, Poland (2012) and was honoured with a CIMO Fellowship and a Scholarship of The President of Torun, Poland in 2013. Magda also held the Marshal of The Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship Artistic Scholarship (2012 and 2010). She has participated internationally in various solo and group exhibitions. 

Blue Mountain

Solo Show: Error Strategy

World Heritage Artist


Space Name

Solo Show: New Show


Brooklyn, NY

Selected Exhibitions



The artistic research of Magda Wegrzyn addresses questions of perception and communication in tune with aesthetics, digital technologies, and the medium of painting. Speaking of painting – from the context of digital technology – she calls upon a tangible contact during the process of interaction with it. She examines how digital culture affects the perception of a medium in case of being both: a painter and a receiver.

Her interest considers how virtual reality of a screen affects a virtual reality of painting. She reflects on the idea of taste, notions of digital glance and a proclamation of beauty this medium might carry. Magda’s current interests reflect upon articulation in painting, in tune with visual rhetoric – understanding communication of visual image as contrary to verbal messages as well as the function of the image and its impact on the public. She is interested in Claude Shannon and Warren Weaver: The Mathematical Theory of Communication and its possible use in art with a special emphasis on Recent Contributions to The Mathematical Theory of Communication by Warren Weaver. 

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