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From: New York, US

Based in: New York, US

Main Artistic Themes: Empathicism


An established artist, LORD TOPH is a multifaceted visual artist with several years of experience in creating fine art. Charged by an early influence of Expressionism and Impressionism, LORD TOPH utilizes bold strokes.

He received his formal training at the Memphis College of Art in Tennessee, where he majored in painting and design.


​Charged by an early influence of Expressionism and Impressionism, LORD TOPH utilizes bold strokes reminiscent to that of de Kooning, Munch, Kandinsky, Chagall, and Picasso in order to create paintings that transcend boundaries of conventional art styles.  


He continues to expand his repertoire of work by further expressing and presenting his fine art style, “Empathicism.”  Works of this style are intended to evoke the viewer’s emotions empathically from the painting’s subject matter, color, size, title and application of stroke.

LORD TOPH has been recognized as a contemporary master by World Wide Art Publications (2014’s “International Contemporary Masters,” Vol. VIII). He continues to write to further describe and elaborate on the concepts, theories and occurrences which have enabled him to develop and produce more works in this unique style.

As founder, CEO, and Executive Producer of Monté CrisToph Multimedia, he has designed Monté CrisToph Multimedia (MC) as a realm of concept, sight and sound, dedicated to the conceptualization, development, and distribution of art, music and literature to expand across a wide range of genres.

Selected Projects

Monté CrisToph




Executive Producer

StarField Stories




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