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From: London, UK

Based in: London, UK

Main Artistic Themes: Photography, Dioramas


British artist Linda Chapman is developing her art practice with focuses on photography and dioramas. Abstract and geometric patterns along with shadow and light are important elements that drive her work.

Chapman pursued a successful commercial career and has a degree in Art Photography.


Linda Chapman's photography is drawn to abstract and geometric patterns as well as to shadow and light. Her attraction to natural light plays with the formation of patterns that brings them together to catch a perfect picture of geometric abstraction.


Chapman's abstract views expand much more to think about and stimulates a sense of seeing beyond the obvious. Her works is influenced by artists such as Man Ray, Paul Klee, Picasso, Mondrian and Frank Stella.


Chapman's creativity and vision drives her to explore a completely different view of ideas and she deploys it by making dioramas in boxes. Hand building miniature details or using found objects. Interestingly enough, these began long ago in the 1800’s with Daguerre, a man associated with the start of photography.


Dioramas are created by Chapman as an alternative way of showing a moment in time, but in 3D. Tied in with this,  her commercial career included theater work and in the past she has experimented with film as well. These multidisciplinary experiences are mixed together with her abstract ideas.

Selected Exhibitions

The Other Art Fair

Group Show: by Saatchi Art


London, UK

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London, UK

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