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Lila | Leela


From: South of France

Based in: London, UK

Main Artistic Themes: Painting, Logos, Consciousness

Born: 1979


Lila Expressions' art practice is focused on creating abstract paintings with the aim to capture every-day experiences of reality in physical form and share it with the audience.

Consciousness expresses itself through creation. Through these abstract paintings alike cosmic puddles of paint, Lila Expressions plays with the act of creation.


​The word lila or leela is Sanskrit for ‘the divine play of God’. In Hinduism, it’s believed that the cosmos is the outcome of the creative play of the Divine.


Every one of us is a spiritual being in mortal flesh, a spark of that Original Consciousness. We are all artists of consciousness.


Our picture of reality is our most important creation so let us make it powerfully and profoundly beautiful dear friends.


With these abstract paintings, I aim to capture my every-day experience of reality in physical form and share with it with others.

Recent Works


Oil on Canvas Paper


Pink Pond

Oil on Canvas Paper


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