Lang EA

From: Cambodia

Based in: New Zealand

Main Artistic Themes: War


Lang Ea is a multidisciplinary conceptual artist, creating with paint, sculpture and installation, using everyday materials.

Her work reproduces a critical investigation of aesthetic and subversive-political allusion often expressing wittiness, humor, and biting irony.

The Barbarians
KA boom! I
KA -boom! II
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Lang Ea's family fled Cambodia after the fall of the Khmer Rouge regime and after spending three years in various Thailand refugee camps, the family emigrated to New Zealand in 1982.

Fueled by personal yet universal challenges of war, interwoven with the lingering resonance of historical trauma and our current unstable contemporary age combines to enhance her vision for everything she creates, tending to the fallen victims caught in conflict and the outlay from ammunition and bombs causing astronomical costs on human lives and the natural environment.

Developing a layered practice expressing with paint sculpture and installation, using everyday materials including paint, resin, glass, concrete, ceramic and wool as a language to interpret and express an effective, poignant and compelling narrative -going beyond the surface of communication to engage and stimulate the social conscience.

In recent years she's taken Pop Art and speech balloons inspired by the world of Comic art, she process, deconstruct, and reassemble into new forms to create sculptures and space-encompassing installations. The work reproduces a critical investigation of aesthetic and subversive-political allusion often expressing wittiness, humour, and biting irony. 


Lang studied design at the Architecture and Design School at Victoria University. She exhibits her works locally although recent exhibitions, Awards, Artist Residencies, and Fellowships have taken her work to international audiences in Australia, U.S.A and Europe.  She has been a finalist in numerous awards and her works are held in public and private collections nationally and internationally including the James Wallace Art Trust.

Selected Exhibitions

Arts Festival

Site Specific: Art Elevated


New York, NY

Wallace Arts Centre

Award Show: 27th Annual Wallace Art Award 2018

Auckland, New Zealand

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