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From: Taipei, Taiwan

Based in: Taipei, Taiwan

Born: 1991

Main Artistic Themes: Idealism, Social issues, Death


Lan Chunghsuan's art practice is focused on spatially sensitive works, which he uses to explore & communicate concepts such as freedom, idealistic individualism and death.

Lan holds an MFA in Fine Arts from the Pratt Institute in New York.


From his image-based art, poetry, video and audio installations, artist Chunghsuan Lan examines concepts such as freedom, inheritance, death and dark emotion. His works are internationally exhibited and collected.

Lan's art practice is concerned with the pursuit of Utopian freedom. This concept plays a key role not only with the artistic intent but as well as in his multidisciplinary work methods and liberated choice of medium.

He is also focused on Death. He sees it as a possible, equal, ultimate, inevitable answer to the questions in his work, which are apparently unsolvable. His recent work is mostly about spaceflight tragedies. The patriotic, political, social, and technological missions were doomed because of similar reasons.


His artistic philosophy on how similar human beings are, and how we are all part of the same universe, opened up his practice to create art about the universe.

Lan manages to create a distinct atmosphere that communicates the messages he is bringing through his works, and by expressing multiculturalism the core concepts perfectly unite to deliver a unique experience for the viewer.

Selected Exhibitions

Good Underground Art Space

Solo Show: Sights / Sites


Hualien, Taiwan

Aki Gallery

Group Show: Y.E.S. Taiwan VII


Taipei, Taiwan

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