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From: Texas, US

Based in: Houston, Texas

Main Artistic Themes: Abstract, Realism


Juliet Hillbrand is an award winning artist whose focus is on creating an other-worldly feel. Her works cover chaos and serenity, fever and calm, decay and growth, life and death. 

Hillbrand was named as a Top Artist of 2019 in DESTIG magazine.


Juliet Hillbrand is a Mixed Media artist based in Houston, Texas. Her work combines surrealistic worlds with abstraction and realism, covering subjects such as the female form and color in motion.

Hillbrand's works are focused on the natural world and poetic moments in our human experiences. Her figurative paintings involve female nudes in two main themes, dripping in color or black & white, and most of her works are reflecting energy bursts of color and shape.


"Art is my air!

I didn't know that picking up a brush would lead me to this journey, but my world has completely been transformed by color. I know that my calling is to create emotions through canvas, and I love others projecting themselves into my artwork.


I think art has the possibility to heal, and it is a craft I will spend my entire life faithfully dedicated to. 

I am also a writer, lover of trees, pacifist, bruncher, dreamer, and fanatic tea connoisseur."

Non-Canvas Works


Custom Guitars for Collectors

Day & Night Themed


Custom Skateboards for Collectors


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