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From: Dallas, Texas

Based in: Dallas, Texas

Born: 1985

Main Artistic Themes: Sensations 


Multimedia artist Jennifer Wester is a former ice skating champion. Her artistic practice is based on her ice skating techniques with mind-body-surface sensations.

Wester has a degree in art from Yale University.


“I’m most intrigued by the destructive force of production, evolution, and construct; the motivation for, sensations of, and residues of actions on a surface, a form, and a body. As a [ice] skater, I’ve created sensations that run through my body and are then perceived and interpreted by a viewer for over two decades.


My motivation… always a persistent desire to feel; to experience; to explore. What I experience is only audible to my inner spirit in any given moment while my actions impose at times entirely other sensations on my audience and simultaneously produce my history — a residue in yet a third format onto my surface. My residue — scars upon a frozen tundra that tell my flaws and moments of perfection to those adept at reading them.


The tracings on a brutalized sheet of ice are an encrypted, instructive, and temporal drawings of time spent telling and moving through a creative story of physical sensations and mortal errors. While the faint eruptions of shadow and light pass almost unnoticed to the viewer diverted by the object in motion, to speak nothing of the intermixed sounds that crack and swoosh through the entire performance giving orientation and security to the performer.


The performer is an object, moving in unusual cadence in comparison with the observed speed and trajectory, that flows through the visual field creating and interrupting wind currents, ignorant of weight, friction, and seemingly of physics. This is the art of skating to me. It is both a process and a medium. In a single experience ghosts and documents, stories and sensations, created from the same impetus yet entirely diverse from one another are cast into the world, able to emote, describe, and interpret endless possibilities.”

Selected Exhibitions

Burning Man

Solo Show: Breaking Shadows V2


Nevada, US


Art Fair: Conception Art


Dallas, Texas

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