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From: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Based in: Barcelona, Spain

Born: 1994

Main Artistic Themes: Art Brut, Expressionism


Jantus is an international artist formed in Universidad de Arte de Buenos Aires (UNA) and in Richard Sturgeon´s workshop, which he attended for six years. His focus is on big format artworks inspired by bad painting and art brut.

Jantus art has been exhibited in Buenos Aires, Barcelona and Tokyo


Fast and rough brushstrokes, rhythm, dynamism. Vibrant compositions of vivid and saturated colours that do not let the spectator´s eyes stop.

Jantus is an international artist from Buenos Aires currently based in Barcelona. His focus is on creating large format expressive paintings.

Jantus paints with acrylic and oil mainly because of the density of this two materials that allow to build color stains with diverse characteristics.


He intends to create contrast and counterpoint while painting in order to give the compositions a visual dynamism that makes the eye of the spectator move around the canvas constantly.


He started painting this way after visiting Richard Sturgeon´s workshop for several years in Buenos Aires. His influences come from art brut and expressionism, they are: Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Willem de Kooning, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Georg Baselitz, Karel Appel, Pierre Alechinsky and Cecily Brown.

Selected Exhibitions

BELA Biennial

Group Show


Helsinki, Finland

Tokyo Art Fair

Group Show


Tokyo, Japan

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