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From: Debrecen, Hungary

Based in: Budapest, Hungary

Born: 1973

Main Artistic Themes: Identity, Human condition


Award winning artist, Janos Kujbus' focus is on the human condition in today's society, told through visual stories. 

The characters in his works contain the present integrated in them with use of ironic situations and certain gestures. 


János KUJBUS most frequently paints inane, theatrically posing human characters or just parts of them. He bases his works on portrays, images of fashion magazines and cut‐outs of the gutter press. He also uses typical phenomena of the pop culture.


Applying oil colors, he portrays his characters based on photographs. He changes colors and reduces the number of tints as well as other details. He scrutinizes, devises, hence places his figures, which seem to be lonely even if they are not alone in the particular situation, into a devised environment.

The hyperrealist way of portrayal is not the accurate term to be used in concern to the art of János KUJBUS. The diligent method of painting these characters according to a certain concept gives unnaturally smoothed, extraordinarily colored, sometimes futuristic human figures that do not constitute an integral part of their own environment, and they seem to float in a meditative atmosphere that is composed of the transitions of colors on the one hand and inflicts decorative effects on the other hand.

Selected Exhibitions

B24 Gallery

Solo Show: Soft Power


Debrecen, Hungary

Factory Art Projects

Group Show: Berlin Art Week


Berlin, Germany

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