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From: Katowice, Poland

Based in: Paris, France

Born: 1989

Main Artistic Themes: Stories, Surrealists concepts


Polish visual artist, PhD student at the Faculty of Art at the Pedagogical University of Cracow, Izabela participated in many projects and exhibitions in Poland and abroad. She creates graphics, objects and texts.

She has been featured in several
solo and group exhibitions worldwide.


The young artist was born in 1989 in Poland. She studied at the Academy of Fine Art in Katowice from 2008 to 2013, when she achieved a Master degree of Fine Arts with a specialization in Graphic Arts. She currently lives and works in Katowice. Mainly focusing on drawing but also using various media to express herself, she sees narration as an attribute of our existence into which every element of the reality is clothed, and roots her works into very personal plots, stories but also intuition, inner impulses, coincidence as well as chance, and deals with the magical dimension of our existence manifesting itself in the subtleties and simultaneities of reality.

For her poetic project entitled Subjective walks (2014), composed of wire drawings floating in space, installation made of objets trouvés (found objects) and graphical works, Izabela Aleksandra LESKA walked every day ritually in the city of Berlin. Diving into it, exploring its ongoing, dynamic and spontaneous structure, she stayed focused on the signs that the urban organ was giving to her: a man, a piece of trash on the sidewalk, or a word spoken in a foreign language. Each elementary decision: to go right or left, to follow someone or not became decisive for the final form of the project being made consistently every day. What becomes in one case a possibility and develops a network of new solutions, closes the other ones at the same time. 

Selected Exhibitions

Fondation Hippocrène

Group Show: I like Europe

& Europe likes me

Paris, France

Pawilon Sztuki

Solo Show: Vice-versa

Art Musuem

Warsaw, Poland

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