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We are happy to announce the Artqol Grant available for new and existing members.

Winning artists receive up to a $1,000 grant

How to apply

  1. Join Artqol as a member

  2. We create your artist profile (example)

  3. We review your grant application

What is the purpose of the grant

The grant is meant to support you and artists that are looking to develop a project, travel, fund a residency, purchase materials, ship artworks for exhibitions and other activities that develop your artistic practice.

Application deadline for the latest grant

October 15th 2018 (Closed)

The grant is offered only for Artqol members.

If you have any questions just contact us.


Purchase of materials while attending a residency

in New York

Aug 2018


Production & shipping costs for an art project

in Berlin

Oct 2018

Past Winners

The grant is funded by Eyal Zucker

Eyal Zucker is the founder of Artqol & co founder of He has previously funded and supported the Chimera Art Award, the ICI Curatorial Award, and the Zucker Collection calls. With the Artqol Grant he continues to support the careers of artists and expands his network of art professionals.

Previous winners of awards funded by Zucker are video artist Tsuyoshi Anzai, curator Boris Kostadinov, artist Patricia Jagicza, artist Magda Wegrzyn, artist Ekaterina Shapiro-Obermair and more.

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