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From: Geneva, Switzerland

Based in: Geneva, Switzerland

Born: 1990

Main Artistic Themes: Urban Landscapes


Fabien Jakob is an award winning fine art photographer. His work is focused on the role of the individual within the urban landscape.

Jakob graduated from the Museum of Modern Art's (MoMA) photography program. 


Grey is never black and white.

Fabien Jakob proves that grey speaks a colourful and expressive artistic language of its own.
Jakob's series “Nuances” demonstrates his talent to exploit the ability of countless shades of grey to portray complexity, reflection and mystery.


A series of photographs focus on a variety of subjects to convey atmospheres of harmonious beauty. These appear to incorporate the power of the grey colour palette to communicate the process of continuous evolution and timeless questioning.

In “Nuances”, Fabien Jakob captures the world around him from all sorts of perspectives, always using the rich language of grey to give his subjects both depth and fascination. Human figures, shrouded in mystery, lead the eye into secret corners of urban landscapes.

Architectural elements present themselves from unexpected angles and anatomical details mesmerize. He instantly convinces the onlooker that grey is a language and not a monotone – and that it is capable of making the pictures’ content appear and disappear in a mist of nostalgia. This fascinating colour spectrum creates bridges of intensity between black and white – the visual equivalent of the orchestra turning black and white pages of notes into music.

This text was written for Jakob's exhibition at gallery La cité du temps.

Selected Exhibitions

Darkroom Gallery

Group Show: Photography


Essex, Vermont

Galata Museum

Group Show: Photography


Genoa, Italy

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