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From: Oklahoma

Based in: New York

Born: 1982

Main Artistic Themes: Multidisciplinary


The art practice of D'mon Knox is focused on uniting photography with painting, collage, digital design, or sculpture to create photographic abstracts. Remixing known languages (abstract expressionism, surrealism, street art, and minimalism) to birth a new idiom for articulating his examination of culture, race, sex, socioe-conomics, and blackness.


D'mon Knox is a Photographic Abstractionist living in the Fort Green section of Brooklyn, New York.


He was born poor, black, and gay in Tulsa, Oklahoma on Christmas Day 1982. Raised in the middle of the Midwest, Wichita, Kansas, he was introduced to the arts by his grandmother who worked for local wealthy families where her exposure to their personal art collections motivated her to curate most walls and surfaces with ‘budget copies’ that she found at garage sales and thrift stores.


Grammar school trips to the local contemporary art museum, PBS documentaries, and Andy Warhol’s show on MTV’s solidified his interest. Later he began independent study and art practice, creating abstract sculptures using materials recycled from his grandfather’s woodshed and eventually more traditional materials.

After a break for introspection, travel, and spiritual engagement Knox reengaged with his practice in 2009 with a focus and mission, bring works to life that ignite and incite himself and the viewer.

His process reflects on his worldview; Use it all, Nothing is sacred, and “You can’t” or “You shouldn’t” are invitations. He layers elements as emotions and ideas, periodically stripping away meticulously placed pathos to bring forth his truth in the work.

Selected Works

Where Am I?

Aka 'Marilyn is Hot!

24in x 24in


Brooklyn, NY

Soul'd' Out

34in W x 44in H


New York, NY

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