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From: Connecticut, US

Based in: New York, US

Born: 1995

Main Artistic Themes: Gender, Feminism


An American artist, O'Brien works with mixed media techniques, focusing mostly on encaustic painting, collage, and traditional oil painting on various surfaces.

In 2019 she will receive her Master of Fine Arts. O'brien has been featured in several
group exhibitions.


​The content of O'Brien's work draws upon the work of feminist artists before her, such as Judy Chicago, and adds to the growing number of feminist works in the post-identity period.

O'Brien's artwork is heavily influenced by her liberal upbringing, and the experiences and privileges that have shaped her personal reality. A central theme in all of her pieces is gender and how it shapes the entirety of our lives; her art often deals with the experience of women and non-binary trans individuals. As a woman and a sexual minority she has often questioned how fragile and superficial the gender binary, and scripts are.

O'Brien's background in sociology has formed her strong opinions of gender expression and the importance of gender equality and liberation. She has an educated feminist outlook on the systemic and institutional practices of gender performance, and comment on the odd and harmful ‘blue and pink’ world she lives in.

She uses technique and Old Master practices to achieve a sense of realism with the human figure.  This is important because she relates the body to gender expression and gender nonconformity using various techniques and media.

"I paint because I have a story to tell. Every piece I create is a unique look into my own human experience."

Selected Exhibitions

New York Academy of Art

Group Show: Deck The Walls


New York, NY

Scarfone Hartley 

Group Show: Society Collective


Tampa, Florida

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