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ARTJOG 2018 -  Art Fair in Yogyakarta, Indoneisa

Enlightenment that we pick as a theme in 2018 to guide the curatorial frame is a continuation of the themes we picked the last three years; art as the forms of experience. It could be the social, the knowledge and the spiritual experience.

As a term, enlightenment refers to a moment in the history of the world when art played an important role in providing enlightenment after French Revolution. There and then, art significantly widened the horizon of the new world for humanity. Thus, we borrow that event in 17th century as a tool to observe the social context, the knowledge, the spiritual belief, the politic, the technology and the art itself nowadays.

Curatorial Team ARTJOG 
Bambang 'Toko' Witjaksono & Ignatia Nilu


Opening night