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Published: June 2020

Artists Featured:

Boris Kostadinov, Lind Chapman, Stavros Kotsakis, Heikedine Günther, Sam Foley, Lan Chunghsuan, Hannah Stippl, Marcel Schwittlick.


Fine Art, Media Art, Interior Design, Art Photography, Environmental Art, Painting, Installation Art.

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Light Design
Feeling Data
Space Installation
Environmental Art
The Core
Art Photography
Hyperrealstic Landscapes
Errors of Beauty Installation
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AQ exhibition

Graff - by Sam Foley

Although graffiti and street-art have often appeared in Sam Foley's work, in the past it has been incidental to environment, whereas now this subject has taken front and centre.


This collection of paintings explores the language of graff in multiple international and local urban environments, highlighting many similarities and contrasting the differences.

Presented by The Artist's Room


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Alleyway off Police St, Dunedin, oil on
Art Gallery

Curator interview

Special interview with Boris Kostadinov

Boris Kostadinov is an independent curator and art historian based in Berlin. His projects are in the field of contemporary art and photography, conceptual design, fashion, architecture, sound and interdisciplinary forms.


His work explores the interaction of art with political and geopolitical realities, economics, social processes and theories: economy of art, art as a social or activist gesture and art as a political platform.


In the following interview we deep dived into some of the key elements in Kostadinov's practice and the principles guiding his projects.

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Art, Design & Lamps

Stavros Kotsakis Genuinely Interacts with Light and Shapes

Sweden based light designer and artist Stavros Kotsakis is developing his practice with a purpose to explore the endless adventures of light while interacting with fascinating materials.


When Kotsakis first started to design lamps, the main focus has been on diverting objects off their main function and redefining them in a new context which incorporates light. The working process was therefore mostly characterized by the experimentation with re-purposed materials and components

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feeling data VI.jpeg


Exhibition by Marcel Schwittlick

In 2012 media artist Marcel Schwittlick started recording the movements of his computer mouse. He wrote a piece of software that is running in the background on the computer and records every single movement of the cursor on the screen. Everything is being recorded and saved. All movement that happened between two clicks is interpreted as a line. 


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Space Deaths

Lan Chunghsuan Explores Idealism, Social Issues and Death

Lan Chunghsuan's art practice is focused on spatially sensitive works, which he uses to explore & communicate concepts such as freedom, idealistic individualism and death. Lan's approaches are different from project to project depending on the medium and the reference used.


However, most of the deaths represented in his works are inspired by historical and cultural facts. They refer to various historical casualties, body gestures in oil paintings portray death scenes, and the myths and the taboos about death. 


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Installation I.JPG

The Core

The Art of Heikedine Günther Grows From
The Core

Heikedine Günther is an abstract, intercultural painter based in Basel, Switzerland. Her art practice is focused on The Core which references the inner self and a potential to grow from a place of inner strength. Beyond that the core is a lot more and she tries to research different ways the core manifests itself in cultures and religions.

Through her travels she explores and looks at ancient art from different cultures. She is fascinated by the ways different cultures and religions used the motif of the core within their tradition.


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Environmental art

Hannah Stippl Paints Horticulture Patterns

Hannah Stippl's artistic practice focuses on painting and installations. The repetitive structure of her works evoke an ambiguous impression of nature.


Horticultural installations are an important part of her practice, just as important as painting. The installation are usually developed in a different process depending weather they are indoor or outdoor installation.

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Artqol Exhibitions

AQ Exhibitions

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Interior Design

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AQ Interiors provide designers the opportunity to professionally present their projects online.

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Wooden Stairs

Fine Art Photography

Linda Chapman Captures Geometric Abstraction Through Photography

Linda Chapman's photography is drawn to abstract and geometric patterns as well as to shadow and light. Her attraction to natural light plays with the formation of patterns that brings them together to catch a perfect picture of geometric abstraction.


After pursuing a successful commercial career Chapman shifted her practice to fine art photography. Her works usually begin when scouting urban areas, discovering unseen details that highlight the character of its settings


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Interior Art

Interior design is the art and science of enhancing the interior of a building to achieve a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing environment for the people using the space.


An interior designer is someone who plans, researches, coordinates, and manages such enhancement projects. Interior design is a multifaceted profession that includes conceptual development, space planning, site inspections, programming, research, communicating with the stakeholders of a project, construction management, and execution of the design.


The profession of interior design has been a consequence of the development of society and the complex architecture that has resulted from the development of industrial processes.

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Modern Interior Design

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